Want to be a Supplier of the Italian Public Government?

Apply and Certify for MePA: the Public Administration Electronic Market

The Main Italian Public Gov. E-Procurement Market

5.6 Billion € Sales in 2020

98k Public National&Local Gov. active Customers

Phone: +39 06 302 606 45


  • Documentation Set Up for foreign Company Registration
  • Market Targeting into the MePA Platform
  • Complete Registration into MePA Platform
  • Final Training for managing Sales in the Platform
  • Remote Support in case of Need for managing Sales
  • Dedicated Account Manager


  • Impresa OK is a Business Unit of Nextdeal - a Digital Marketing Innovator since 2012
  • In the MePA Services we're the main italian Provider with more than 1.500 Customers
  • We regularly serve EU and Extra EU Companies for enrolling and managing MePA
Phone: +39 06 302 606 45


1. What is MePA for?
2. How long does it take?
3. What are the Requirements?
4. What is the Enrollment Process?
5. What Markets can be targeted?
1. What is MePA for?

1. What si MePA for?

MePA - Electronic Market of Public Administration - is the most spread E-Procurement Platform in Italy. It's the main Channel of the Public Government - both national and local - for Providers selection and for buying Services and Goods..

MePA is used by Public Admininstration both as a Marketplace - for issuing Direct Orders -  and as a Tender Platform. All Providers which are regularly enrolled into the Platform can take part both ti Direct Ordes and to a single Tender.

2. How long does it take?

2. How long does it take?

Enrolling into MePA requires normally 1 or 2 weeks, but the procedure for foreign Companies could be longer and needs to be evaluated case by case. Depending on the case, specific Documentation or Legal Translation could be required.

That's why it's important that the Enrollment Procedure is led by a Professional Account.

3. What are the Requirements?

3. What are the Requirements?

Any Firm or Professional can be enrolled into the MePA Platform, given the Basic Requirements of the italian "Codice degli Appalti" (italian law on public procurement) is satisfied and that the Main Activity of the Provider is related to the specific Market the enrollment is required for.
4. What is the Enrollment Process?

4. What is the Enrollment Process?

MePA Enrollment  is a 6 Steps Online Process:

- Legal Representative Registration

- Legal Entity Registration and Association

- Fiscal and Administrative Data Registration

- Shareholders Profile Registration

- Creating Catalogue

- Generation of the Enrollment Application

- Legal Digital Signature (CADES Standard) and Application Submission

Each Step has got its specific details to be considered. That's why, for not taking weeks or months, the best is to have a skilled Professional Partner for bringing the Procedure on.
5. What Markets can be targeted?

5. What Markets can be Targeted?

The MePA Platform is organized in Markets.

Markets are grouped in 3 Cathegories:

Products and Goods:

• Furnitures

• Road Signes and Tools

• Sport, Music and Entertainment Tools

• Paper, Consumables and Products for Restoration

• Fuels and Oils

• Health Care Supplies

• Plants for Renewable Energy and Energetic Efficiency

• Informatics, Electronics, Telecommunications and Office Devices

• Books and Multimedia

• Logistic Infrastructures, Machines and Logistic Solutions

• Electric and Building Matherials and Tools

• Food

• Funeral and Cimitery Products

• One use Products for Cleaning and Waste

• Products for Public Parks and Green Areas

• Research, Scientific Analysis and Diagnosis RIcerca

• Fabrics, Protection Clothes, Security and Defence Equipments

• Vehicles and Mobility Equipments


• Plants Maintainance Services

• Audio, Photo, Video, Light Services

• Bank Services

• Cimitery and Funeral Service

• Commercial Services

• Real Estate Services

• Equipment Maintainance Services

• Digital Storing Services

• Digital Signage Services

• Training Services

• Garbage Management Services

• Information, Communication and Marketing Services

• Logistics

• Parks and Green Areas Maintainance Services

• Enviroment and Health Monitoring Services

• Event Management Services 

• Travel Management Services 

• Building and Plants Cleaning and Disinfection Services 

• Road Cleaning and Winter Caring Services 

• Human Resources Scouting Services 

• Payment Services 

• Food Services 

• Graphics and Printing Services 

• Advisory Services 

• Phone and Networking Services 

• Transportation and Vehicle Renting Services 

• Compliance Auditing Service 

• Security Services

• ICT Services

• Energy Management Services

• Post Collecting and Delivery Services

• Professional Services

• Social Services

• Restaurant Ticketing Services

• Roads, Ports, Buildings, Plants Construction

• Roads, Ports, Buildings, Plants Maintainance

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